Happy Birthday!

Not only is it this dog’s birthday, but it’s the 15th day since the birth of this blog! So, in honor of both of these milestones, we are going to have….a comment contest! As always, there is a limit of 10 comments per person per day. Best comment wins. Worst comment also wins. Prizes announced later.


WANTED: Dead or Alive

Wanted for questioning concerning the offense of: PUPPY THEFT

Sex: Male

Race: Monkey

Age: 4-7

Height: 3’2 – 3’6

Weight: 50 – 60 pounds

Build: thin

Remarks: On Sunday April 18th, 2010 at approximately 2:25pm, a witness snapped this photo of a monkey stealing a puppy. After trespassing, suspect was said to have come from behind and grabbed the victim. The puppy struggled with the perpetrator, but to no avail. At this time, there is no other information except for the fact that there was a puppy and a monkey and that the puppy was taken against its will.

If you have any information regarding this matter, leave a comment.

Possible rewards include $5 cab cash.

Important Questionnaire

Okay, so here’s the deal. Our advertisers are hounding us, asking us who are our customers. I mean, we know you guys like your our boys. We know who you are, but they don’t. Anyway, they want demographics. So, please fill out this questionnaire so that our advertisers can better implement their marketing strategy.

1) What is your favorite color?

2) What is your favorite animal?

2b) Is your favorite “baby” animal the same as your favorite “adult” animal?

3) What is your favorite question?

4) If you could be a food, what would you be and why?

5) 500 words max: If you had to walk backwards all day, where would you go and why?


Scoring title? Check. Youngest ever? Check. Contest? Read and find out (Yes).

Surprise surprise! What do we have here? Another….Contest!!!
Here’s the deal. Leave a comment. Best comment wins.

I know we’ve been a little slow updating our website…too many comments. But that doesn’t mean don’t comment for this contest!! We’re trying our hardest to respond to everyone and make appropriate changes to our site. So far, we have requests for more cute animals and interesting observations about the world around us.