Rare Animals of the World

So I know there haven’t been any updates for a while, but demand has been at an all time high so the blog is back and better than ever.  We’ve decided to add a new section, called “Rare Animals of the Word.”  We’ll periodically feature some of the most adorable rare animals you’ve ever (or never) seen.  And unless you happen to be a scientist, you likely didn’t know these animals even existed.  The first animal featured is none other than the “Snow Leopard.”  The snow leopard is not to be confused with the apple computer operating system also known as “Snow Leopard.”

Rather, it is an adorable mammal that lives in central asia–  part polar bear and part leopard.  The snow leopard enjoys a unique lifestyle.  It carries a confidence not seen in any other living being.  Rather than roar, the snow leopard sings. It’s favorite foods are chocolate covered marsh mellows and vanilla cupcakes.  Our field researchers happened to snap a photo of the snow leopard in its natural habitat.  See for yourself what makes this rare cat literally one in a billion.

If you have any questions about the “Snow Leopard” or have ever spotted one in the wild, share with us in the comments section.  Best comment or question gets insider info on the future NBA destination of King James.


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