Dogs > Cats

I know we’ve thrown out this question before about cats vs. dogs, but let’s be real, whoever thought that cats had a legitimate shot at winning? Well, we have further proof that cats are awful pets.

After seeing this picture, can we even still call cats “pets”? How about “domesticated”?? This cat is clearly being a douche bag, and I don’t believe there is a clause in the definition of “domesticated” that allows for animals to just be plain old disrespectful. Yeah, yeah, the cat may be making a sweet fort and all, but do you really think you’re invited? No chance! That cat is going to hang out alone in that fort without you, and you can’t have any of that paper towel either.

P.S. There’s no chance the cat cleans up after its playtime either.

Cats -1


One thought on “Dogs > Cats

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