Some animals are cute… some animals are…

Okay, so some animals are cute (puppies!!), some are fuzzy (polar bears!!), some are scary (tigers!!), and some animals, well, just won’t take any bullshit. You know what I’m talking about. You leave your cat for the day and you come home, tired from work, looking to get a warm welcome and maybe a cuddle, and your cat strolls right by you, refuses to make eye contact, and basically is saying “where the hell have you been? you better make it up to me or it’s gonna be a long night.” What attitude! I bet your cat didn’t do ANYTHING all day but sleep and lounge anyway. It’s not like you really were wanted.

Well, check the jump, because, if you didn’t know this before,  hippos are like cats because they don’t take anything from anybody.

P.S. $10 puppy dollars to anybody who posts stories about his/her encounter with animals that are just as grumpy as this guy.


One thought on “Some animals are cute… some animals are…

  1. Went on a cruise to the Amazon the other day ( pics. pretty crazy all the weird (non-cute) animals that live here, but I guess I should have expected it… Foreign animals are really weird. I hate to say it but you really should right about this.

    But back to the point. On a canoe I saw this piranha (×300.jpg). It tried to bite me so I smacked it against a tree. I also found this movie about them. Wild stuff in 3D. Heres the clip — (

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