Scientific Breakthrough!

As you loyal readers probably know, we love puppies.  They’re the bread and butter of our blog.  The toast of our town.  We worship those little guys more than we worship god.  And the dollar.


there may be one thing cuter than puppies….

Huh?  Come again?  Cuter than puppies?  Are you freaking mad?

Chiiilllll everybody.  It’s okay. Im talking about piglets.

Yes, piglets.

Often lumped together with their uglier, savage cousin the pig, piglets stand above all other adorable animals.  They’re small, plump (NOT fat), soft, and playful.  Perfect combo.

Many researchers feel that piglets and puppies are actually the two most similar species of mamal.  Their DNA is nearly identical.

We actually sent a research team out in the field to collect some data and gather a few specimen samples.  The evidence was staggering.  Turns out we were correct:  Puppies and piglets are the same.

Thanks man, your hard work has led to quite the scientific breakthrough.

But the question is, how do pups and piglets interact with one another?  Do they know how similar they really are?  Again, the evidence is overwhelming.  Take a look at this next pic if you still have your doubts:

Yeah, that’s what I thought.  You’re welcome.