Meet the Team

We think it’s time that our loyal readers met the folks behind What the Pup is Up dot Com.  We’re a close-knit group; very secretive (think Google) yet innovative (think Mazda).  We’re basically a force to be reckoned with.  So in no particular order, we’ll introduce ourselves.

Spot, Company CFO:

“Hey I’m Spot, I’m the Company CFO and I love to work!  Here’s my picture!”

Scout, Company Web Designer:

“Oh hey, I’m Scout!  I love to design the web!  Check out what I’m designing!”

Duke, Company attorney:

“Hi there, I’m Duke, the company attorney!  I love you!”

Ivana, the Company Secretary

“My bite is worse than my bark…but my outfit beats both.”

Rascal, CEO at What the Pup is up dot Com

“I am not a dog.  I am the CEO.  I do love snacks, however.  hahahaha maybe I am a dog!!!”

So there you have it.  The whole team.  If you have any questions to ask, remember to leave a comment.  Best question and/or comment will receive 500 Puppy Dollars!

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