Who is Beethoven?  Well, for starters, he was born in Bonn, Germany in 1770.  From a young age he appreciated music, and he worked diligently to become perhaps the greatest pianist of all time.  By 1800 Beethoven had mastered what he considered the two pinnacles of music : the string quartet and the symphony.

While he was strongly influenced by older pianists such as Mozart, Haydn, and Muzio Clementi, Beethoven’s sound was unique in the best of ways.  Rather tragically, he began to lose his hearing in 1796, and by 1803 was completely deaf.  This did not stop Beethoven from writing music, although it did make it difficult for him to perform in front of a live audience.  Beethoven died on March 26th, 1827 from liver failure. While many at the time considered his death to be the end of Beethoven, history has proven it to only be the beginning.  Confused?  Read on.

In 1992 photographed images of Beethoven began to surface.  At first there were skeptics.  Hadn’t he died 175 years earlier?  Was this some sort of sick joke?  Well, it turns out Beethoven never died.  Rather, he became a Saint Bernard and decided to star in his own movie.  Here’s the proof if you’re too young to remember:

No longer interested in piano, Beethoven spent most of his time eating and playing with his family.  He was a large dog and had a huge appetite for both food and fun.  After a successful yet incredibly stressful career as a world class composer and musical genius, he decided it was time to take it easy.  Who can blame him?

His movie was so successful that it was followed by five sequels.  And despite Saint Bernards’ average life expectancy of only 9-11 years,  at the age of 238 (1,665 in dog years) Beethoven starred in 2008’s award-winning straight to DVD film Beethoven’s Big Break:

Do you see what I see?  Beethoven had Puppies!!


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