This Year in Sports and Why it Just Got Better

Here are two of the most notable “highlights” from this year in sports:

1. The Lakers Win the 2010 NBA Championship-– So this series went 7 games, featured six future hall-of-famers (Pierce, Garnet, Allen, Rondo, Kobe, Pau) and ended in dramatic fashion.  So why did it still suck?  Uhhh, maybe because its already happened so many times stupid.  Think about it.  In 2008 the NBA finals was between…… you guessed it, the Laker and Celtics!  In fact, they’ve played each other 12 freaking times in the finals already!  Been there done that.  Next.

2. Brett Favre– There’s a lot to be said about him, and its all pretty depressing.  Unretires at 41, starts the season 2-6, gets in a fight with his coach, breaks his foot, plays with broken foot and sucks, unites with Randy Moss and sucks, hurts his shoulder and sucks, ends consecutive starts streak at 297 games, and oh yeah, gets caught sending naked pictures of himself to a reporter.  Hard to tell where this ones heading.  Pain killer addiction?  Already happened, sorry.  Next.

Ok so as you can see, this hasn’t been a good year for sports.  Until yesterday that is.  What happened yesterday you ask?  Brace yourselves for this one.  Ready?  Ok.

Michael Vick wants a Puppy

It’s sort of like somebody who’s got a drug problem, goes to rehab, comes out of rehab, and then says something like this:

“I, uh, think it would be good for my, err, daughters.  Yeah.  My daughters, to ummm– get a little cocaine.  I mean I just feel bad that, because of me–cocaine can’t be in the house, and, uh, I mean, its– for my daughter.Right.  That’s totally believable.

Michael Vick made similar comments to reporters this week.

“My daughters miss having one, and that’s the hardest thing: Telling them that we can’t have one because of my actions.”

So, what kind of dog should Michael Vick choose to fight play with?  A few come to mind:

1. The Golden Retriever:

The golden standard of dogs, they are easy to train (you know what that means), happy all the time, and essential for anybody trying to kinda “just fit in.”  Michael Vick could be exactly like this guy, having a great time being an average, happy dude:

2. The Basset Hound:

These guys simply don’t give a shit.  Vick could fight them all he wants; they’d still act the same and would never report him to authorities.  Plus, who would ever suspect Vick of fighting Basset Hounds?  Don’t get me wrong, he’d do it.  But nobody would know.

3. The cat-dog:

This one’s interesting.  You see, Vick’s probation prevents him from owning a dog.  But it says nothing about cat-dogs.  Vick could technically get a cat-dog and do whatever he wants with it.  Could be a winner.

Or Vick could say fuck it and get a pit bull.  Done and done.

So, what kind of dog should Michael Vick get?  Leave a comment, let us know.


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