Euthanasia — When is it wrong? Is it ever right?

It comes a time when either your pet is terminally ill or just is that bad of a pet that death is imminent and, ultimately, beneficial both to that thing and to society. While some people might give “dog euthanasia” a bad rap — yeah, you ASPCA — it gets the deal done. Smack. Done Deal. Ipso Facto. No Return Policy. You’re dog’s sick? Zip, he’s gone. You want another dog? Great! Your dog bit your neighbor’s child? Zip, where’d he go? Wait, it’s debatable if your dog actually did that? That’s too bad, it’s too late.

At What The Pup Is Up, we do not support euthanasia under any circumstance but one…which is when you are saving yourself from –bless me–the devil of dogs. Now, we all know exorcism and the devil residing in human bodies is just plain ludicrous. Nobody really believes “The Exorcist,” everyone’s just scared as shit by it. But, needless to say, there is a devil of dogs. You see, my dog Max, started out like this:

Cute, cuddly, hungry, eager for treats, poorly balanced, submissive. In two words, Max was “silly putty.” You could pick him up and he would melt, and then you could mold him into any position possible. However, after poor training and several rehab programs, he is the equivalence of this:

I’m sorry, but that’s about .09% less than an exaggeration. It’s abusrd. My dog is a blatant Kim-Jong-II of familyville. He barks and snaps when I get food, when I purposely fake to get food and then turn away, when I go in his “area”, when I fake to go in his area and then get a cup out of the cupboard. Max is on his asshole game. Max lives in “The Office” –supposed to be our office, but what do you know!, it’ his–and I can’t print a sheet of paper without already knowing where the closest pen or knife is to the computer station where Max lives. Scared for my life.

So, we put it to our faithful readers….

Should we put Max down? Answer via the comment area.

If we get zero comments, Max will die.


9 thoughts on “Euthanasia — When is it wrong? Is it ever right?

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