Fall Movie Preview!

It sure is good to be back.  To kick things off we’ve decided to share with you a few of the top flicks coming out over the next few months.  After all, its officially Fall, which means this year’s best films are around the corner.

1.  Spooky Buddies

Good News!  I guess Disney felt that this comedy was simply too cute for theaters, since its heading straight to DVD.  For those not in “the know,”  Spooky Buddies is the highly anticipated sequel to Space Buddies, which landed on DVD a few years back.  The premise is simple:  Rosebud, Butterballs, Buddha, B-Dog, and Muddbud are reunited for (another) adventure of a lifetime!

2. Dolphin’s Tail

This one’s been getting a ton of buzz from critics.  It stars Red (yeah, the one from Shawkshank Redemption), who after escaping prison, falls in love with a dolphin.  The catch is that this Dolphin has no tail (Oh NO!).  Luckily, Red approaches a “legal” doctor in Mexico who is able to construct a prosthetic tail for the dolphin.  Which is exactly why the movie is called Dolphin’s Tail.  It’s a movie about a tail (and not a tale about a dolphin).  Remember that.

3. Marley and Me: The Puppy Years

Here’s another one too good for theaters.  I’m sure many of you have seen the original Marley and Me with Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston.  I’ve yet to see this sequel, but based off of the trailer, it appears as though Marley has developed the ability to speak.  I find this fascinating.

4. A Michael Vick highlight reel (FoR All Da HaTerZ):