Things Puppies Hate: Stairs

Puppies are great, obviously.  But there are a few things they absolutely hate.  Stairs are one of them.  I mean, I understand it.  Stairs are not natural.  You wouldn’t be chilling at a forest and all of a sudden come across a flight of stairs.  We (humans) made them for convenience, and puppies don’t get that.  But there comes a time when you can no longer keep your puppy stranded on the first floor of your 7-story mansion.  And this is what happens:

Two things I took from this video:

First, Ollie’s brother, Ivey, is a real a-hole.  He knew Ollie sucked at getting up the stairs so he thought it would be cool to run up and down them in his face.  Cool bro, you’re eight years old and you can go up the stairs!  What a freaking achievement.

Second, Ollie’s owner loses it when Ollie finally makes it up the stairs.  At around step number four, he whispers, “Oh my God.  I can’t believe he’s doing this.  And he’s only eight weeks old.”  By the time he crosses the finish line, he’s in full climax-mode.  Don’t get me wrong, a pup’s first time up the stairs is something to celebrate.  But c’mon man, act like you’ve been there before.

Regardless, congrats Ollie.  Now you just have to make it down.

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Piddles On Scene: Nightmares

Piddles, here. So I’ve been sniffing around for my first on scene report, and I’ve solved the age-old question of what this dog was dreaming about:

I’m not gonna lie, it took me awhile to get a one-on-one interview with Bizkit. He’s a pretty popular pup and charges a steep price–three bones, room & board, and a box of bacon treats (apparently he only likes Beggin’ Strips). That being said, Bizkit was very humble and honest, and he said that this is what he was dreaming about…



Big Cats

While it is common knowledge here at What the Pup is Up that cats are an inferior pet, there is one exception: Big Cats.  Big Cats are, dare I say it, nearly on the same level as dogs.  In fact, some Big Cats are even cooler than some dogs.

Watch this video.  This guy literally has the best pets on the planet.  Two great (some might say fat) dogs? Check.  Huge Tiger? Check.  The real question is, where does he live?  I see a mountain, desert-like shrubs, and a Hummer H2.  Mexico? Can you own Tigers in Mexico? I kept thinking the Tiger would finally lose it, and pull a Metta World War on those dogs.  But nope, he’s much too chill for that. Things do get kind of weird around the 1:30 mark, just a heads up:

Cats vs. Dogs: Round 2 – Timeouts

Timeouts.  Doesn’t matter if the guilty party is a cat (very likely) or a dog (very unlikely), but your pet is being a nuisance and it’s time for a timeout. So, the question is…how does your run-of-the-mill pup/kit handle being put in a timeout.

Contestant Cat:

Um, can someone say, temper tantrum central? Not a strong start for cats…

And now, Contestant Dog!

Wow, that timeout was so cute. I kinda wanna join him.

Dog > Cat

1 – 1

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