Basset Hound Gets High School Diploma

I really don’t know how I missed this one, but back in February, the very prestigious Lincoln Academy  awarded Molly, a Basset Hound, a high school diploma.

According to Time Magaine:

“With some human help answering questions like “a triangle has how many sides?” or  “the President lives in the White House, true or false?” Molly passed her exams… After a $300 payment and a few days, her diploma and official transcript arrived.”

I’m all for dogs getting a decent education, but seriously, a basset hound?  Maybe I’m just judging a book by its cover but….

If you can’t even motivate yourself to go on a walk (definitely the highlight of EVERY other dog’s day), how could you possibly motivate yourself to hit the books?  Shouldn’t some sort of Terrier have accomplished this historic feat instead?  Is Molly really about to become the face of canine education?  I mean this is a BIG deal.  If it were 2003, Molly would be eligible to enter the NBA Draft.

Lincoln Academy was even nice enough to send Molly an  e-mail:

“Dear Molly, You have truly reached a new milestone in your educational career… sit back and enjoy your new life of being a high school graduate from Lincoln Academy.” 

Yeah, I’m pretty sure Molly will be doing a lot of “sitting back.”  She’ll also be sitting sideways, sitting on the couch, and pretty much not doing anything else that doesn’t require sitting.


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