The Daily Puppy?? Paassss.

I’m sure a few of you have stumbled upon a website known as “The Daily Puppy.”  Now, I’m not going to say I hate the Daily Puppy (but I do).  I just simply don’t think they depict an accurate portrayal of puppies.  I mean, how many “daily” puppies get these kinds of photo shoots?


First things first: his collar.  Uhh, is he homeless?  Or will whoever finds him beside that random tree in the middle of a field look at his collar and know exactly where “Paw Print” is?

This is the bio the puppy they wrote, which appears under his picture at the website:

“Hi! My name is Douglas, but only when I’m in trouble.  The rest of the time, my humans call me Dug, Duggie, Duglet, DugDug, and ClumpyClump–don’t know what that’s all about. My favorite activities are chewing on everything, playing ball, and snuggling. There are two people in my family, one kitty, one bunny, and me! I’m very smart; I already learned how to ring the poopie bell!”

Well, “ClumpyClump” I’d like to introduce you to my puppy-friend, Brock.  He’s from West Baltimore.  So, yeeeahhh… maybe we should call you “Douglas.” Because you might be in trouble.



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