Big Cats

While it is common knowledge here at What the Pup is Up that cats are an inferior pet, there is one exception: Big Cats.  Big Cats are, dare I say it, nearly on the same level as dogs.  In fact, some Big Cats are even cooler than some dogs.

Watch this video.  This guy literally has the best pets on the planet.  Two great (some might say fat) dogs? Check.  Huge Tiger? Check.  The real question is, where does he live?  I see a mountain, desert-like shrubs, and a Hummer H2.  Mexico? Can you own Tigers in Mexico? I kept thinking the Tiger would finally lose it, and pull a Metta World War on those dogs.  But nope, he’s much too chill for that. Things do get kind of weird around the 1:30 mark, just a heads up:


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