Cats: The Musical?

Let’s be honest. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical, Cats, is the worst “entertainment” spectacle in the history of the universe.   The absolute worst.  My eight year old cousin recently played a minor part in his elementary school’s rendition of “Big Mama’s House 3”, and it was significantly better than CatsFor starters,  Cats was written by this guy:

I could have stopped there and you would get the point.  But there’s more.  It really boils down to a simple a question:  Why do cats, earth’s most despicable species, have their own musical?  The answer: I have no idea.

Warning:  the following video may ruin your day.  Proceed at your own risk:

And now to un-ruin your day,  Bentley the Bulldog (shout out to Ryan “Big Country” Lee):