Thought of the day

Is there anything cuter than a happy dog?

…Nothing, right?

Convinced, yet?

I hope not, because then we’d both be wrong.


got you with that one.


Reader Pup: Scout

This pup was sent to us using our recently launched Submit Your Pup feature.  We’ll be featuring some of the best and brightest from time to time.  Like Scout.  From the owner:

“He pees on people when he hasn’t seen them for a long time. He gets a little overexcited.”

I do the exact same thing.  Weird right?

New Show: Dogs in the City (premieres Wednesday, 5/30)

Pauly D Justin Silver doesn’t just know dogs.  He speaks dog.  In fact, he speaks their language so well that CBS television executives felt he deserved his own show!    Its called Dogs in the City.  Check out the preview:

Ok, so he doesn’t actually speak to any dogs in the preview.  Which is exactly why you need to tune in to the show tomorrow night.  After all, he may just be douchey enough to pull it off.

There is a God

This one is for all you “scientists” out there. The following video will make you say, “Big Bang?  More like Big Bunch of Bologna.”  (I really just wanted an excuse to type bologna… twice.)

There was a time when I too was skeptical.  Until the local tennis instructor God made it rain tennis balls.

I once was lost, but now I’m found.

Our New Cause: Dog Schizophrenia

The other day, a thoughtful reader of What the Pup is Up sent us this email:
“My dog suffers from horrible anxiety and paranoia, but nothing a little human xanax couldn’t fix (easy…it was a low dose probably). So it got me thinking, what other human conditions do dogs suffer from?”
Well, Kathy, apparently all of them. And after a few minutes on the Google, we’ve determined that your dog appears to be suffering from  “dog schizophrenia.” At first, I reacted just like you probably are right now (“Hey, that’s hilarious!”)  But then I stumbled upon this video:
You see Kathy, It turns out my dog too suffers from this horrible affliction.  He acts exactly like the dogs from the video.  There is literally not a single difference in demeanor.  I always thought that’s simply how dogs acted.  Little did I know that each and every dog I’ve ever owned was actually schizophrenic.
As made evident in the video, the following are some of the most common symptoms of Doggy schizophrenia:
1. “Puppy” face
2. Occasional sleepiness
3. Barking
4. Lying on the floor
If your dog exzibits ANY of these symptoms, we urge you to immediately ask your veterinarian about “Pet-EZE,” the calming agent advertised at the end of the video.  Please, get your pup medicated (or “fixed”).  Before it’s too late.