Endangered Species: Where Have They Gone?

This post is about science, and more specificially, a phenomenon known as “endangered species.”  Here’s the basic premise: while there are plenty of ugly, boring animals pretty much anywhere you go (think squirrels, raccoons, cats), there is an increasing lack of the best, cute, cuddly, and playful  animals.  I’m talking about Lions, African Elephants, Polar Bears, Cheetahs, Snow Leopards, and of course the Black Rhinoceros.  Their numbers are unfortunately dwindling; likely the result of electric cars (“Hey it’s cool… I’m allowed to drop four trash-bags filled with used batteries in a rainforest… I drive a Prius.”) and irresponsible humans who don’t recycle.  Yeah I know, thanks for ruining nature, right?

But here’s where things get a little more interesting.  This picture was recently sent in by a source that, for obvious reasons, cannot be named.   Take a look:

I see at least three pandas, a polar bear, an elephant, and I’m sure there’s at least one Asiatic cheetah lying around there somewhere.  I almost threw up the first time I saw this image.  To think, half of our planet’s endangered species are simply piled up in some low-life’s bedroom.  And it gets worse.  The culprit sent in a photo of himself sitting next to his most prized possession: a panthera tigris aka… the Tiger.  Here’s proof:

When asked if he even knew what what kind of species he was hoarding, the culprit responded, “Benny.”  The world is a sick place.