Outside the Pup: The Growing Discrepancy Between Rich and Poor

We’ve touched on some serious subjects in the past, but we feel that now is the time to really dive into a new, very important segment of our blog.  It’s called Outside the Pup, and  it will tackle some of the most pressing issues facing dogs and pets today.

That’s right.  It’s time to grow up and get serious.  You’ve had enough GBs Fenway.  Time to start caring about the world.

Anyway, the first installment of OTP is about the growing discrepancy between rich and poor dogs throughout American Society.  Discrepancy is a grown up word for gap.  Or large distance.  It means that poor dogs are becoming poorer and rich dogs are becoming richer.  Why does this happen?  There are two reasons:

1. Dog Food

Ever heard of Pupcakes?  If you’re a rich dog you probably have.  They’re basically made out of money.  Its equivalent to eating a twenty dollar bill (aka a waste of money).  And yet they seem to only be growing in popularity.

Rich dogs eat these pupcakes and get fat.  The fatter the dog, the more food he needs to maintain his physique, and the more denial the owner is in about his or her dog being fat.

(“Baxter’s looking kind of big lately, don’t you think? ”

“Oh don’t be silly!  He just has a big old appetite.  Isn’t that right Baxter?  Look at him wag his tail. You’re the cutest Baxter, you really are.”)

Take this dog for example.  He’s rich as hell and loves pupcakes.

2. Dog Houses

There was once a time when dog houses were fairly standard.  But these days dogs appear to be purchasing their very own mansions.  They cost about the same price as a typical human home, and they’re custom fitted for maximum dog comfort.  Our field photographers managed to snap a few pics.  This was the best of the bunch:

Living the life right?  That dog probably hasn’t gotten up in days.  I bet he doesn’t even go inside his mansion.  He’d rather just show it off.

But not all dogs are so lucky.  In other parts of the country, dogs are living in sub-par (below average)  conditions.  The worst of them are essentially living in puppy prisons. If you don’t believe us, take a look at these startling photos:

Looks like maximum security if you ask me.

Hang in there Labrador.

In short, something needs to be done to close the gap.  Or even the playing field.  After all, most of the poor dogs are pitbulls.  And you don’t like pitbulls.